Parish Profile

When: Jun 1, 2018 - Eternity
Where: St. Johns Episcopal Church

St. John’s New London Parish Profile

Who We Are

St. John’s is an Episcopal church that proclaims the redeeming and life giving power of Jesus Christ. We are grounded in scripture and the power that flows from God through the Holy Spirit. We combine the experience of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the re-energizing power of the sacramental life. This combination offers an experience of the transforming power of a personal relationship with Jesus as well as a means of continually encountering His living presence in our lives.

Our weekly celebration of Eucharist is a powerful reminder of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and our commitment to be the body of Christ in the world today. We are concerned about doing what Jesus did and obeying His commands empowered by the Holy Spirit.

We welcome all people into our midst and share the treasures of Biblical teaching, the gift of Christian friendships, the transforming power of the Eucharist and the energizing guidance of the Spirit. We believe in the healing power of God’s love and we are equipped to minister that love with the gentleness of Jesus. We continually invite Jesus’ values to transform us so that our actions bring His presence into the world today.

St. John’s parish treasures the scriptures as the word of God, and we value the traditions that flow from that word. The people of our parish enjoy a life of serenity and inner peace. We begin each day with gratitude for God’s gift of life and we try to approach every situation with the belief that with God nothing is impossible. We attract people who are looking for something more, something deeper, something richer from their Christian life.


The first Episcopal service in New London was held at Cline’s Hall on Sunday evening October 1, 1876. The rector George Vernor of Grace Church (now All Saint’s Episcopal) in Appleton lead the service. The other churches in town suspended their usual services and all attended this gathering. The new church continued to meet in various homes and other locations in the city until the new home for St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church was finished and dedicated in 1905. Services were held in this location on Market Street for nearly 100 years.

The church outgrew the location on Market Street. Land was purchased to begin construction of a larger building. The current structure was complete enough to occupy on May 31, 2001. The congregation gathered for the first time in the new building. St. John Church has been a presence in New London for 140 years.

Who We Seek

We are seeking the pastor that God desires for us. We are seeking a spiritual leader who believes in the primacy of the Bible (that the Bible is the inerrant) word of God. ‘He(/She) must be born of the Holy Spirit’. (John 3:3) Our pastor must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and desire to nurture that relationship with Him each day. Our pastor must have a desire to seek the will of God for themself and the church. We are seeking a pastor who is passionate about their spiritual calling and can inspire participation from new and existing members in the ministries of the church. We desire a pastor who continues to build on our vibrant and joyful community, welcoming all, wherever they may be on their spiritual journey. We desire a pastor who will encourage us to become spiritually mature.

Worship at St. John

Currently regular services are Sunday at 9:30am.

The Book of Common Prayer is used in worship services. Parish members lead music, are enthusiastic greeters, ushers, servers, readers and intercessors at all services. Youth participate as Acolytes through 8th grade and beyond if they wish. The Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for worship services and maintains the altar linens and communion vessels. Special Services are held Thanksgiving day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, healing services, baptisms.


Music is lead by worship teams. We enjoy a mix of traditional hymns of the faith and contemporary Christian music. We use guitars during our services.

Our Ministries

We believe ministries are an act of worship as much as our Sunday services. We have a sincere commitment to reach out to those in need spiritually and physically. St. John Church has several vibrant outreach ministries that are well supported: a storefront food pantry, a thrift store, and strong healing ministry.

We know that Jesus still heals today because we have seen and continue to see evidence of miracles of healing. Our healing ministry group has been diverse and active offering healing prayer, prayer meetings, and supporting educational programs.

We desire to engage with youth more and hope for a pastor who is comfortable and called to work with youth which is important to us so young families will feel encouragement to attend and belong.

The hospitality ministry provides coffee and snacks after each service.

We occasionally have pot luck dinners after services, an annual Christmas party and a summer picnic.