Visitor Information

The Center for Inner Peace is located at 1513 Pinewood Lane, on the southwest corner of New London, Wisconsin.

The Center is hosted by St. John's Episcopal Church, a Spirit-filled community which celebrates spiritual, life-giving, contemporary worship services every weekend (Sundays 8:30am and 10:30am) and holds inspirational Scripture Studies and Book Studies every Thursday evening at 7:00pm. St. John's is a community of many different denominations all committed to deepening their walk with Jesus, and open to his healing power.

Please explore our web site and discover the exciting and life-giving opportunities that await you at St. John's Church and Center for Inner Peace!

For further information contact us at or call us at 920-982-0970.

Spiritual Enrichment Seminars

As an extension of our vision, at least once per year we offer the Spiritual Enrichment Seminars which gives participants the underlying spirituality for healing and wholeness. As needed, we offer The School for Christian Healing and Spiritual Enrichment, an intense workshop that equips individuals to effectively minister healing prayer to others. The Center For Inner Peace has been named a Regional Training Center for the Order of St. Luke, a national organization committed to proclaiming the healing love of Jesus. As part of that organization we offer a course on the Healing Miracles of Jesus. We are also available to do other workshops as well as midweek training on specific topics related to healing.