Mission / Vision

St. John's Center For Inner Peace is a Spirit-filled community of people driven by our God given mission to create a place where anyone can come and experience Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit. We are energized by our mission "to be a center for Christian healing and spiritual enrichment for all people." We continually seek to bring people to Jesus and membership in his family, assist them to grow into Christ-like maturity and health, and equip them for their ministry in the world, in order to honor God's name.

Thirteen years ago, in obedience to God's call, we committed ourselves to building a place where this mission could be brought to reality. Many sacrifices were made to physically build our church and center. The stories of what God is doing in our midst make all those sacrifices worth while.

God is creating a growing community here at St. John's to carry out his vision for this place. God is renewing and healing lives through our times of healing prayer, weekend worship services and community life. God is enriching and directing our youth through Fun in the Son (K-6th grade) and our Youth Group (7th-12th grade). God is touching many people of the area with our Christian self-help groups. God is moving powerfully in our Christian formation evenings where we celebrate Eucharist and then study Scripture, healing, or spiritually enriching books. God is using our healing community as well to respond to the physical needs of people through the St. John's Thrift Store and Food Pantry.

The Center for Inner Peace welcomes people of all faith backgrounds to experience the life changing power of God's healing love. Directed by Rev. Paul Feider, the Center offers numerous opportunities for people to learn about healing, to receive healing prayer, and to be trained in offering healing to others. God is bringing healing, insight and spiritual growth to people around the state through our area-wide Healing Services, our School for Christian Healing and Spiritual Enrichment and our Healing Conferences. Rev. Feider has taken this training to local communities as well as areas such at Kenya, Uganda, and Madagascar. Recently the Center has been asked to be a Regional Training Center for the Order of St. Luke, a national organization committed to promoting the healing power of God's love.

"All of us here at St. John's are part of this great vision. Whether we have been here for many years or have just joined, we are part of a community that is on fire for leading people to God's transforming love, and offering them a life of hope and inner peace through a relationship with Jesus. Our presence at St. John's is God directed. God has called us to participate in this great vision. As we offer our gifts to God, we see a clearer picture of how God wishes to use us to offer healing hope to many more people. Each time we pray in private, each time we join in worship, each time we participate in a formation evening or a small group, we choose to enhance the work of God here at St. John's and we enrich our lives. God's vision keeps being fulfilled through our daily and weekly commitment to his will.

The vision is not finished. It is only beginning to be realized. There are many more people who long to know and feel God's love and the power of the Holy Spirit. There are many children and teens who need a place to be wrapped in God's love and his guiding words. The vision of St. John's to be a "center for Christian healing and spiritual enrichment for all people" is a God-given vision which needs the gifts of all of us in order to be fulfilled. I invite you to step into this vision, to ask God to show you clearly what part you are called to play in this awesome work.

Thank you to each of you who have given and are giving of yourselves for God's mission here at St. John's. Take a moment to feel the joy in Jesus as we carry on his ministry of leading more people to the Father and the healing power flowing from his love. Listen to God singing with joy for you as you draw ever closer to him. Let the personal love that Jesus has for you energize you for the next step and empower you for his purpose and his glory."